Chocolate World with the Family

The cute town of Hershey, Pennsylvania is full of chocolaty fun for the whole family! You won’t have a problem finding something to do. My husband and I were there with our three young kiddos (ages 8, 6, and 2) for one day and we decided to spend it at Chocolate World. I knew it would be fun when I booked it, but it exceeded our expectations! My daughter said it best when she said, “Chocolate World is like a chocolate heaven!”

Chocolate World Entrance

30 Minute Chocolate Tour

We started with the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour to introduce the chocolate-making process to our kiddos. No tickets are necessary and you don’t need to book a certain time. Each “car” seats five people and it takes you through the whole process of the cocoa bean. The ride was brilliantly done with fun animations! Informative, cute, and entertaining! The best part: it is FREE!

Chocolate World Tour

Create Your Own Candy Bar

The Create Your Own Candy Bar is expensive and I was very hesitant on doing it because I couldn’t wrap my head around spending $20 for a candy bar! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, though, so my husband talked me into it. How many times in our life will we get to create a custom candy bar at Chocolate World in Hershey, PA?! Go big or go home, right?

First, you gear up in your fancy little apron and hairnet, which will get a giggle out of everyone. Even the American Girl doll that came with us needed a hairnet!




Then, you’re directed to a user-friendly touch screen to select your ingredients. The ingredients are constantly changing. We had 5-6 ingredients to choose from, including sprinkles on top!

Next, you get to pull a lever to start making your candy bar! You’ll see it from the beginning to end! It’s so fun to watch your own candy bar. It dispenses the ingredients one at a time, adds a thick coat of smooth melted chocolate on top, adds the sprinkles if you selected those, then runs through a cooler to set the chocolate.


While the candy bars are being cooled, you get to use another user-friendly touch screen to design your wrapper. You could choose a premade design or custom make one. Besides Brandon, we all chose to custom make one. Although it was fun, I was disappointed to find out that I couldn’t add my own text. The text was assigned to the name on the ticket and then you can add different images and logos.

When the candy bar is done, it’s wrapped and then placed in a cool tin container. The wrapper you designed isn’t the actual wrapper that wraps the candy bar. It’s the sleeve that the container slides into. I don’t know if we’ll ever gain the courage to actually eat our masterpieces, but the experience was so much fun! Brandon and I both agreed that it was well worth the money to get the best souvenir from Chocolate World!

Chocolate World Custom Candy Bars!

Chocolate Tasting Experience

Um, yes please! There was no question whether or not we were going to participate in the Chocolate Tasting Experience! At our assigned time, we were brought into a big room with long tables. We were told where to sit and given a small bag with four different chocolates inside. At our seats, we were given a Hershey kiss, small condiment cup with pieces of a roasted cocoa bean, a handout, wet wipe, and a small water bottle.


They started by giving us a short lesson on how to properly taste chocolate. The steps were:

  • Look
    Notice the color.
  • Listen
    Break the chocolate close to your ear. Is it a loud crack or drowned out?
  • Smell
    Bring the broken chocolate close to your nose and smell several times.
  • Taste
    Place a small piece on your tongue and massage it until it melts. Do not chew!

After learning the process, we got to taste the chocolates one by one! As a group, we would taste a certain kind and then vote on the flavor we tasted. My kids were very interested in learning and mastering the correct way to taste chocolate. They took it very seriously and would maturely discuss the tastes they were experiencing! (I’m obviously only referring to my big kids. My 2 year old had eaten all his chocolates in the first 5 minutes! haha)

4D Chocolate Mystery Movie

My daughter is usually afraid of 3-D movies and we were afraid she’d hate the 4D Chocolate Mystery Movie. We were first brought into a room where they introduced the movie and asked for anyone celebrating a special occasion. The main characters of the movie (Hershey, Kiss, and Reese) told us about the mystery and how they needed our help to act as spies to solve the mystery. This got my kids all excited, especially because their 3D glasses suddenly became spy goggles!

We were then brought into a large theater. Reese got on screen and was interacting with the crowd and calling some by name! The movie was a lot of fun and we were able to interact several times. We got misted a couple times and it smelled like chocolate! At the end, there were bubbles and confetti! It was a blast!

Chocolate & History Trolley


The Chocolate & History Trolley picks you up and drops you off right in front of the main entrance of Chocolate World. Get in line early to sit in some good seats preferably close to the front. I got stuck in the very back while the rest of my family sat in the middle. I could barely hear the tour guide because the engines in the back were way too loud! During the tour, everyone was given several delicious samples.


The parts I did hear were very fascinating. Milton Hershey was a brilliant man that gave so much into building the town of Hershey. I was most impressed with the school he started in the early 1900’s for orphans. Now, it is an impressive private school where the students (kindergarten-12th grade) live on campus! There are hundreds of very nice houses where 12 students live with a married couple. This school is to give children from broken homes a chance at success. They get to live in a stable family-like environment, receive a high-quality education, and have access to hundreds of extra-curricular activities.

Driving around Hershey was very enjoyable (even if I only heard bits and pieces of the tour). What a beautiful town!! My youngest fell asleep right away and my big kids got a little bored from time to time, but still behaved great. When unbarring the trolley back at Chocolate World, we were each given a whole candy bar! After the tour, Brandon and I both agreed that we could live in the small town of Hershey! You have to see it to appreciate it.

Tips when planning your day at Chocolate World:

  1. Bundle up to save! We booked the Adventure 1 package, which saved us $17 per adult and got us free parking, which would’ve cost us $15!
  2. When booking your activities, you have to select a time. I recommend leaving a little bit of time between each attraction to walk around, shop, use the restrooms, etc. I booked a couple things back-to-back and cut it really close to having doors shut in our faces. I think they would’ve exchanged our tickets for another time, but I don’t know for sure.
  3. Like I mentioned above…if you do the trolley tour, DON’T SIT IN THE BACK!!
  4. If you don’t print out your tickets at home, make sure your mobile phone has enough battery to show them the barcodes at each attraction AND for the hundreds of pictures you’ll be taking!
  5. Do not eat chocolate before you go! You’ll get plenty of it there!



That’s all she wrote! Overall, our trip to Chocolate World was a blast! My two favorite attractions were the Create Your Own Candy Bar and the Trolley (would’ve been 100 times better if I had a better seat, but the yummy samples made up for it). My kids’ two favorites were the Create Your Own Candy Bar and the 4D Chocolate Mystery Movie. By the end of the day (if done correctly), you will be sick of chocolate and you’ll have lots of fun new family memories!

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  1. Nancy Durkee October 12, 2016 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    Looks like you are all having a wonderful time, and making great memories! Enjoy~

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