How This Family Conquered Rome

By | 2018-04-12T18:03:09+00:00 January 15th, 2016|Italy|

Like most big European cities, there is sooooo much to see in Rome. By the time our crew got there, we were exhausted from all of our previous travels. So, there we were...trying to catch up on sleep, trying to [...]

In and Around Florence, Italy

By | 2018-04-12T18:03:09+00:00 December 30th, 2015|Italy|

Statue of David I was surprised at how much there was to see and do while in Florence. We started by seeing Michelangelo's famous Statue of David. It was surreal and even the kids loved it! As expected, my 6 [...]

Venice, Italy

By | 2018-04-12T18:03:09+00:00 December 10th, 2015|Italy|

Venice. The most unique and romantic city I think I'll ever visit. We stayed in Venice for one week, which I think was the perfect amount of time for our family. Maybe if we were here without the kids, we [...]

Milan, Italy

By | 2018-04-12T18:03:09+00:00 December 6th, 2015|Italy|

Italy is in my blood. Literally. My great grandmother, Carmelina Mazza Potter, was 100% beautiful and feisty Italian. She was born in the small village of Gurro, which is near the border of Switzerland, with the Alps being her backyard. [...]

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