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IMG_0373 I’m Katie, but those that matter most call me ‘Babe’ or ‘Mom’. I’ve always been a simple girl loving spontaneous adventure. I love my family something fierce. In my free time, I love to lose myself in a book or a sappy period drama on Netflix.

The guy that still gives me butterflies after 12 years of marriage is Brandon, the rock in this family. He loves music, technology, listening to travel podcasts, and good movies. I’m kind of obsessed with him. Take a look at his awesome website right here!


Our oldest is 8 and her name is Liberty, usually going by Libby. She is radiant, inside and out. She loves princesses, Monster High, and her American Girl Doll. Her strength in school is reading. Her heart is in the arts (dancing, crafting, singing, etc).


Then there is Justice, who is 6 years old. He is all boy and loves sports, superheroes, and Minecraft. I’ve never met another kid who loves the ocean more than this kiddo. His strength in school is math. He can make friends with anyone and everyone.


Our baby Grayson is 2 years old. He loves playing catch, watching movies, and anything with wheels. He knows more lyrics to songs than I do! He comes equipped with the most perfect dimples and he knows exactly how to use them. He makes us smile, laugh, and pull our hair out! 😉

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