How much fits in my travel backpack?

In a previous post, I mentioned the packing equipment I decided on using. Well, I can fit a LOT in my cute little travel backpack (Osprey Farpoint 40) with room to spare and I wanted to share how it’s possible. Here is everything I’m bringing:

travel backpack

1. Small Waterproof Bag
2. Toiletry Bag
3. Small Compression Cube
4. Large Compression Cube
5. Osprey Farpoint 40 (Size S/M)
6. 7 Shirts (2 long-sleeve, 5 short-sleeve)
7. 5 Pairs of Pants (2 jeans, 1 yoga, 2 sweats)
8. Skirt
9. Boots
10. Tennis Shoes
11. Fancy Flats
12.  Sweater
13.  Underwear
14.  Swimsuit
15.  Cover-Up
16.  Socks
17.  Scarf
18.  Roll-Up Hat
19. Laptop & Phone Charger
20.  Umbrella
21.  Headphones
22.  Laptop

How do I pack my travel backpack?

A lot of stuff, right?! Now, here’s how I fit it all into my 40L backpack…

First, I set aside the outfit I am going to wear to the airport. I set aside one pair of jeans, my red short-sleeve shirt, sweater, and boots. I would definitely recommend that you wear your bulkiest shoes and sweater instead of packing them. This will allow you to pack more.

I started packing my travel backpack by stacking the two remaining pairs of shoes at the very bottom of my backpack. Then, I put my underwear, swimsuit, and cover-up inside the interior mesh pocket. I filled up my Eagle Creek Toiletry Bag with the necessities and I put my charger cords in the small waterproof bag.

Next, I filled up the Eagle Creek Compression Cubes. All of my shirts (minus the red one because that is my departure outfit, remember?) fit into the small compression cube. I was able to fit all of my pants (minus my departure jeans), socks, AND scarf into the large compression cube. I tried rolling every item, which is what most tutorials and blogs suggested. Then, I discovered a different way that actually gave me more room and made zipping up the cubes a lot easier! The picture below shows this system. Basically, I lay one item flat, setting half into the cube and the other half left out. The rolled clothing was set on top of it and then fold over the exposed half. Easy, right?!FullSizeRenderThis is what it looked like at this point:


Next, I laid the large compression cube on the bottom of my glorious travel backpack. On top of that, I put the small compression cube and the hygiene bag. In the gap above the cubes, I put my headphones. In the gaps on the side, I put my umbrella and roll-up hat.


I zipped up the main compartment and moved onto the front zipper pocket. I slid the laptop in it’s designated padded sleeve and put the little bag of cords in the pocket.


Zipped up my travel backpack and it was good to go!! There were still a few gaps throughout the inside of the bag AND the exterior pockets remained empty! It didn’t look bulky or feel too heavy (I’m mad at myself for not weighing it for you guys, but I can do that later) and it was really comfortable on!travel backpack

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