Dungarvan, Ireland: What’s Not to Love?!

Our Visit to Dungarvan

Someone told us that we wouldn’t like Dungarvan, so we were a tiny bit bummed that we prebooked a week there. Well, that person was wrong and we’re glad we came to see for ourselves. We loved Dungarvan! It was a bigger town than the other Irish towns we’ve stayed in, which also meant faster wifi!! (Happy dance!) We stayed in a cute flat (apartment) right above a salon. Our front door was so cute! The doorknob was in the center of the door and didn’t even turn. The door opened by turning the key.

Fast Wifi

We were all enjoying the fast wifi!

How cute is this door?!

How cute is this door?!

A river goes right through the town that leads to the ocean. A cute bridge crosses the river and there are cute restaurants that line the river. The tide dramatically changes the scene throughout the day. There are oodles of pubs and restaurants that play traditional Irish music, which I would’ve LOVED to see; but unfortunately, they usually don’t start the music until after 10pm and that is just not feasible with my little people.


The river walk in Dungarvan

You can see how much the tides change the look of the town!

You can see how much the tides change the look of the town!

The Dungarvan Castle

There is an old castle in town called the Dungarvan Castle. Unfortunately, it was closed for the winter; but nevertheless, the castle walls added a lot of charm to the town. The castle was built in 1185. It was set on fire during the Irish Civil war in 1922. It was restored and used as a Garda Station (police station) until 1987.

dungarvan castle

I have a crush on ivy growing on old stone!


Cute little door on the side of Dungarvan Castle

Playgrounds in Dungarvan

There was a nice big playground that my kids loved just on the other side of the bridge. We met a great family who visits France every Summer. They were able to give us some good traveling tips and suggestions where to go.

FYI Don't assume you still got mad skills after 20 years. I was stuck and my rescuer was snapping pictures. Thanks, babe.

FYI Don’t assume you still got mad skills after 20 years. I was stuck and my rescuer was snapping pictures. Thanks, babe.

Dining in Dungarvan

My favorite restaurant in Dungarven (by far) was the Indian Ocean Restaurant. We ate there twice during our one week stay. If you like Indian food and you’re ever in the cute town of Dungarvan, go there and order their Butter Chicken with white rice. Mmmmm…

Mmmmmm...best Indian food so far on this journey!

Mmmmmm…best Indian food so far on this journey!

Goodbye Ireland (insert crying emoji)

Dungarvan was our last stay in Ireland and we were so sad to leave. Even though we’re excited about the many more adventures ahead, we will miss Ireland deeply. I’m afraid we were spoiled with Ireland and now we’ll compare the rest of the world to the perfect little country. We have already agreed that we will be returning. It’s truly an amazing place to visit!

The last picture taken in Ireland. :'(

The last picture taken in Ireland. :'(

And that’s all she wrote – take me back!!!

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  1. Jamie McDevitt October 24, 2015 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    I loved reading your posts about Ireland. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland but I want to be embedded with the local culture rather than on a motor coach tour. Your entries really makes it seem possible!! Godspeed to you and yours, Katie. Looking forward to hearing about London.

    • Katie October 24, 2015 at 6:56 pm - Reply

      Jamie, it can easily be done! Any small village on the west coast will give you a lot of culture and you’ll be living right among the locals. I miss Ireland so much!

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